Fine Tuning the Final Project: An Intro

Over the summer I’ve had a bit of time to think deeper about my final project. My last blog post on the topic listed two very different ideas.

  1. A flipped Kindergarten classroom 
  2. Some sort of way to promote Kindness and Empathy through digital storytelling
    The first idea centered around students achieving mastery in a specific content area and then being able to make their thinking visible by showcasing it digitally.

The second idea wanted to focus more on connecting people (students)  throughout and sharing their stories then highlighting and celebrating our unique and diverse experiences. I believe that it has the opportunity to create a sense of oneness through our similar love for stories, no matter the time, space, language & cultural barriers.
Although I’m moving away from my second idea, I’m still looking into u
tilizing my #PLN so that I can continue to create awesome global connections:

As seen above,  Coetail has provided me with some fabulous opportunities for authentic global connection. In addition to teaching me how to raise the bar in my own classroom, Coetail has taught me of the importance (and ease) of connecting my classroom to the world. 

The global connections I’ve made and have already taken part in have been a cornerstone in my Coetail learning experience. From hosting Twitter chats with Pana @PanaAsavavatana  to collaborating with cohort members in course, I’ve always enjoyed the learning and perspective that ensue when connected globally. Since one of my biggest takeaways was learning how to make the web work for me, through my interactions with social networks & RSS feeds,  I’ve completely changed from a consumer to prosumer to full on creator & connector. Having said that, I would really to have the global connection aspect somehow be representative in my final project one way or another. 

The line… “Your information is only as good as your ability to share it” has resonated with me all throughout these courses. I blogged about it here.

Where Doodles & Data Meet

Now, my goal is to synthesize all of these things that have had an impact on me into my final project.

The inspiration was taken by:

Khan Academy  + (Flip Classroom Model)

I plan to Use Screencastify or another tool to showcase only student learning and student voices. Out of respect for student privacy, there will be no faces shown. Khan Academy is a very inspirational hub that showcases learning while also 

Coetail : (Global Connections) (the power of video)

Global Read Aloud & other awesome Global Projects such as The Traveling Tales &  the SDGs – Global Goals. have too provided their fair share of inspiration. Now, it’s time to tie it all together. 

Pondering a Platform

At the moment, I’m thinking that my students can use book creator to showcase their skills. What I’m wondering now is what the best platform to use in order the connect the Kinder generated content to a larger audience. Originally my idea was for them to use Flipgrid. (after first being inspired by Sean Ford’s (@Sean4d )  #WorldReadAlouds. Even with Flipgrid’s latest feature, Mixtapes, I’m still not 100% convinced that it is the right platform. 

Fine Tuning the Final Project

The goal would be to showcase student learning and mastery within specific Kindergarten content & personal projects. Learning experiences such as iTime, which is designated time for personal projects and creativity,  provide students with time, space and an opportunity to practice explain their thinking. Mastery can be shown and digitalized throughout other areas of the curriculum as well. For example, Number Talks in Mathematics. 

Now the quest for a proper platform to contain this content begins.

Final Wonderings?

Any ideas of an age-appropriate platform for connecting Kinder students to the world?

I would love to hear your feedback back on this venture. As I continue to fine tune this project, I look forward to taking on what Coetail community has to say.


Thanks,  @NicholasKGarvin

4 Replies to “Fine Tuning the Final Project: An Intro”

  1. Hey Nicolas,

    Great write up and good luck with your final project!
    Have you ever participated in the following Global Projects?
    They are ones we do and they are a great way to connect with other classrooms around the globe:
    1. Traveling Teddy Bear
    2. Global Read Aloud

    I have 6 K-2 students this year and we would love to connect with you classroom at some stage. Maybe we could go a flipgrid introduction and then move onto a Skype?

    1. Hi Mistral

      Thanks for your comment.

      Both of these projects sound but, I am currently only signed up for one this academic year. I’m pretty siked to begin connecting my students to the world, but I don’t think my class is scheduled to receive our traveling teddy until about April. Last year, I connected with an educator named Sean Ford and participated in my first Global Read Aloud using FlipGrid. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and my students loved watching the final product. Thanks for your tips about starting with FlipGrid and moving on towards Skype.
      Much appreciated!

  2. With sharing stories, I wonder if we sometimes get too caught up in a platform. When we are trying to hit things kinder specific, or whatever specific we may lose the opportunity to really connect (I struggles with this in my project as well). I know it might not align with your social media policy, but if you could use youtube, or instagram or maybe even google drive, just to put the videos out there. And see what people share, i know that @rangerridley on twitter shares stories on twitter every year, he might be a good guy to connect with.

    1. Hey Joe!
      Thanks for your comment. I agree, so often we are teachers (me specifically) can end up overthinking the platform without refocuses on the purpose or outcome. Thanks for the tips about Youtube. I think I can still use that suggestion and make sure it is aligned with our Responsible Use Agreement here at UWCT. as long as we use the student’s voice but no faces. Cheers for the tip about following @rangerridley. You and him both tweet out some excellent content, ideas, and resources. Excited to continue learning from you guys online.

      Much appreciated!

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